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Telemedicine Monitoring System

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Author : zora wang
Update time : 2022-07-21 10:55:40

Telemedicine Monitoring System


The new crown virus is spreading across the country, and according to the latest version of the new crown diagnosis and treatment plan (ninth version), the cases are classified and treated. Mild cases are subject to centralized isolation management. During the isolation management period, symptomatic treatment and condition monitoring should be done well. If the condition worsens, they should be transferred to designated hospitals for treatment. And the judgment index of blood oxygen saturation in heavy is: in the resting state, when inhaling air, the oxygen saturation is ≤93%



Based on this market background, Berry has produced and developed a 4G IoT oximeter, which can support multiple devices to send data to the platform at the same time. And the appearance of 4G IoT oximeter is small and easy to operate. 4G IoT oximeter can be operated by the patient in person, and medical staff can remotely view the patient's blood oxygen data in real time, which can greatly reduce their infection risk, save their time and improve work efficiency.



4G IoT oximeter has a built-in IoT SIM card. Compared with the Bluetooth communication method, the biggest feature is that it can be remote. And no need to go through the APP, direct point-to-point data transmission.

The remote monitoring platform is powerful and supports access to other monitoring data (blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, body temperature and other physiological parameters), can receive and refresh the latest data of each device in real time, and give early warning to the data of the device..

Shanghai Berry Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of medical electronic instruments in the field of monitoring. The company's technology has reached the domestic advanced level. Important breakthroughs have been made in non-invasive blood pressure calculation methods, blood oxygen saturation detection, and multi-parameter monitoring systems. If you want to buy a 4G IoT oximeter, please contact us