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Warranty Terms


Warranty Statement


1. Berry commitment, customer use of the product under normal circumstances, the production of all products in the normal warranty period, there is no product quality issues, including product and process problems problem of raw materials. The whole product warranty period of one year, six months monitor accessories, the warranty period is counted from the date of shipment. Customers can also choose the fare increase extended warranty, specific issues, please contact your sales representative.


2. During the warranty period, if by Berry product testing evaluation, you formally submitted a valid product complaint re porting, Berry will independently undertake the following duties: 1) repair the product; 2) returned goods; 3) replacement of acquiring equivalent other product amount. Among them, the repair or replacement of the original product warranty period is only eligible to purchase products, and shall not be recalculated.


3. Berry product test and evaluation, product proves effective complaints, Berry will assume two-way shipping. On the contrary, the customer shall be borne.


4. related disposable products, the company is recognized only when the first use of flawed or damaged returned product.


5. Because the business expansion, the customer needs with a certain stock, Berry willing to provide more services, customers can provide a certain amount of spare parts.


6. The above warranty other than as a result of logistics and product damage, caused by the buyer or the wrong order the parties, or some force majeure buyer, we can offer customers return based on the actual situation. In this case, the customer shall pay not less than 25% of the order amount of depreciation as a product and return costs, other costs associated with extra. (As confirmed by the sole responsibility of Berry, it will bear all costs.)


Warranty Disclaimer range:

a. Products and other improper use, storage and maintenance, covers not covered under warranty.


b. Client is obliged to be responsible for normal orders issued; error terms of the order not covered under warranty range, however, Berry willing to provide additional services to help solve such problems. c. Test article and test products, hand version, as well as small series production of products not covered under the warranty.


d. Parts categories not covered under warranty.


e. Any accidental or indirect result of lead, such as the product of abuse, misuse, improper operation, unexpected and operating staff negligence, Berry is not responsible.


   * Our warranty above as well as other alternative terms have the final interpretation.