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BMH05 reflective blood oxygen module

BMH05 Reflected Blood Oxygen Module

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Product overview:

BMH05,the reflective blood oxygen module is a multispectral physiological data measurement module developed by Shanghai Berry Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd, which can accurately measure pulse waveform, pulse value, blood oxygen value,etc. Benefit from the targeted development of front-end sampling technology, the module sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio have been greatly improved in similar products. By combination with the unique algorithm of Shanghai Berry, the module can  directly output its pulse waveform, pulse rate and blood oxygen value to reduce the difficulty of system docking. The user system only needs to communicate with the module through serial port or Bluetooth to obtain the measurement results. 
While being precise and easy use, the BMH05 also has the characteristics of ultra-small volume and ultra-low power consumption, which improves the endurance performance of intelligent wearable devices and the flexibility of appearance design.

Product characteristics:

■ pulse waveform, pulse rate value, blood oxygen value and other parameters can be directly output

■ integrated red and infrared dual LED sensors

■ optical sensor with wide spectrum and high sensitivity

■ 16mm * 10mm ultra small volume

■ low power consumption

■ 3.3V ~ 5.5V flexible level interface

■ easy to use UART interface or Bluetooth interface

Typical applications:

■ cardiovascular chronic disease management

■ aerobic exercise management

■ abnormal health monitoring

■ smart wearable devices

■ medical testing equipment