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Remote Patient Monitoring System

Bluetooth gate way for Oximeter

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Our products are knitted well with remote patient monitoring systems which are powered by wireless connectivity including 4G, Cellular, eMTC, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®.
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The remote oximeter consists of Bluetooth oximeter and  Bluetooth gate way,
and can be flexibly used in a variety of scenarios.
Real-time monitoring of SpO2 and heart rate, remote query and long-term data can be tracked.

Bluetooth gate way supports Bluetooth BLE 5.2, data rate up to 2Mbps, up to 15 Bluetooth intelligent acquisition devices,
supports WIFI, 4G (LTE CAT1), WAN (network port) and other ways to conduct data interaction with the server.

Widely Used In Daily Life
Normally, the blood oxygen value should not be lower than 94%,
otherwise it will be considered as insufficient oxygen supply.
Diabetics with abnormal blood sugar will have low blood oxygen saturation.

Medical staff can grasp the changes of each patient index data in real time through the background.
Easy to operate and carry.
It is also applicable to the monitoring of elderly care,
medical rehabilitation and clinical departments in hospitals.


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