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Disposable NIBP Cuff

Disposable NIBP Cuff

Item No.: Disposable
Compatible:All Brand Patient Monitor
Length:Single/Two tube 30cm

Disposable NIBP Cuff

All The Right Cuffs

For Safe And Easy Patient Care




Reduce the risk of cross infection

If reusable NIBP cuff is not sterized or cleaned reasonably, will be infected.Like the other devices in the ward,
virus will be infected from one patient to other patient.

To solve this problem, each patient can use disposable NIBP cuff in the duration of hospital stay after agreed with the patients.


Improve the efficiency of care

We have multi choice—different connectors,We have different types of adult or neonate NIBP cuffs,
it means every patient will find the most suitable connector and cuff.


Maximum the patient comfort and safety

To provide patients the maximum comfort, all cuffs are made of soft woven polyester fabric, circular corner and Velcro seal.
To improve the safety ,cuff is latex-free.



NIBP CUFF Armcircumferencecm)
Neonate 1# 3.3--5.6
Neonate 2# 4.2--7.1
Neonate 3# 5--10.5
Neonate 4# 6.9--11.7
Neonate 5# 8.9--15