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Disposable Spo2 Sensor

Disposable Spo2 Sensor

Item No.: disposable spo2
Disposable Spo2 Sensor
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l  Optimized technology to dispose of sticking surface, so that the skin is almostnotfeel any stimulation or pressure
lSitcking surface optimization causes no stimulation or pressure to the skin.
  According to the test, our sensors can be compatible with most of the patient monitors.
  25pcs packed in a small box
  The same sensor can be used for large adult and as well as neonate.
  Designed based on the principle of human engineering, the sensor is light and flexible, can makes patients adjust
the position easily as they nee
l  High quality pre adjustable LED sensor provides data quickly and accurately.
  Berry also chooses different types to ensure the long time use for single patient.
  Berry products are of high quality and durable characteristics, combined with the newest advanced design concepts
to ensure that the data provide stability and reliability.




Name BS series disposable Spo2 sensor
Specifications BS series
Compatibility All brand oxygen saturation monitoring instrument on the market.
Test range Can be measured in clinical 50%-100%, in 70% critically ill patients following oxygen saturation can be accurately measured.
Test  repeatability According to clinical need, Berry brand factory inspection verification period measurement reproducibility, and tested by Medical Device Testing Department and testing through 0.05, this indicator is on the leading level of China.
Delivery time Mass production: about 15 days (2000pieces)




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