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ECG Trunk Cable& Leadwire

ECG Trunk Cable&Leadwire

Item No.: BS series ECG lead wires
Compatible:All Brand Patient Monitor
Material:Shielded lead wires are jacked in TPU
Length:1 meter
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ECG Lead /ECG Trunk Cable/One-Piece leads




Storage and transport environment:-5--+40

Operating temperature:0--+40


Operating/Storage/Transportation 0% to 80% non condensing Altitude

Hyperbaric Pressure 86kPa—106k Pa

Biocompatiblity:All patient contact materials are latex free and have been tested according to ISO 10993-5,ISO10993-10.



Product Facts

Fully shielded patient cable and lead wires

High density interface allows compact size,light weight

Keyed lead wire termination to provide correct o rientation




Instrument Connectors

An extensive variety of connector solutions is available.All have flex-reliefs for durability.


Lead wires

Low profile,insert molded snap or pinch connectors offer patient comfort and secure attachment to snap electrodes.The snap termination’s ergonomic,teardrop design reduces tangling at the patient end connector.Grabber and mini clip terminations have dual sided metal contacts to provide the connection.



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