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PM6750 Handheld Patient Monitor

Handheld Patient Monitor

Item No.: PM6750
Make full use of modern mobile communication (GPRS) and the Internet (Ineternet) transmission technology on the basis of the traditional custodians of the wireless transmission of real-time data.

►Six parameter Bluetoothmodule is                including Spo2,Pulse Rate,  ECG, NIBP      and Resp functions. It can be connected       by serial RS232,Bluetooth and USB.
►Real-time patient data upload stable,            good mobility ,convenient and reliable.          Continuous monitoring facilitate                     customer secondary development                  according to specific needs ,the                    traditional guardianship upgraded to             modern mobile monitoring products


Abundant accessories
ECG Cable
2.  NIBP Cuff
3.  NIBP tube
4.  Temp Sensor
5.  Spo2 Sensor


► Spo2, Pulse Rate
► ECG, 5 leads, 7 channel
► Heart Rate
► Respiration
► Non-invasive Blood Pressure
► Temperature
► Communication: Bluetooth Dual Mode       (3.0 and BLE4.0) COM, Type B