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Apnea Diagnosis

Sleep Apnea Screening Monitor

Item No.: BM2000A
Wirst Pulse Oximeter  (Sleep Screener)
The wrist pulse oximeter is small, lightweight, and available for home use as well as clinics in long-term and comfortable monitoring. It can be simply worn on the patient’s wrist as the watch to start the monitorin

Wrist Pulse Oximeter (Sleep Screener)   




Watch type, light weight.

Simple and convenient, get all function with one key operation.

Color OLED display of SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse intensity bargraph, and Plethysmogram,

 indication of battery, Bluetooth.

Low power consumption, built-in 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery lasting 20 hours.

Automatically screen off after 30s; automatic shutdown after 10mimutes when probe off 

or no finger in testing; Long push 3s to shut down.

High accuracy under the condition of low perfusion.

CE, FDA approved.


BM2000A is used to gather the data of SpO2 and Pulse Rate while people are sleeping. 

The watch can store the data by itself over 20 hours; and the data is transmitted to the 

software APP via Bluetooth, then the APP is going to do the sleep quality analysis according

 to the data of SpO2 and Pulse Rate, and give a monitoring re port regarding OSAHS, AHI etc... 

The analysis re port can be exported via email, facebook, twitter, etc.. 

The comprehensive and reliable diagnosis re port will instruct the further therapy.

 It is applicable to overnight monitoring with sleep and respiration monitoring device, 

especially for obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome.


Resting Heart Rate

Heart beats per minute while at rest tells a lot about your internal health 

and fitness levels. It is a strong indicator of your risk for heart problems.


Blood Oxygen Level

Your body requires a very precise balance of oxygen in the blood. For your 

body to perform optimally, blood oxygen levels should be above 95%.


Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

Gethering the datas of Spo2   and pulse rate while  people sleeping, 

 the  screener will provide  details of sleep quality by analyzing the 

datas which are saved by App. The comprehensive and reliable diagnosis 

report will instruct the further theropy.


Bluetooth   (Free oximeter data manager software available)

Data stored on watch once every 1s, and the storage is over 20 hours. 

Data can be  transmitted from Watch to Android Phones via Bluetooth.

Data record can be exported from Data Manager Software for permanent storage, 

reviewing, sharing any analyzing.

APP named “Taiir SleepCare Pro” for Android Phones.



“check here” watch sleeping monitor operation video



1pc disposable sponge Spo2 Probe.

1pc charge line.

1pc operation manual.



Operation system Android

Detection scope: 35%-100%

Accuracy: ±2% 80%-100%

±3% 70%-79%

Pulse Rate




Bluetooth Support both   Bluetooth 3.0 and BLE 4.0
Battery Type one 3.7V lithium battery
Service life Over 10000 times
Display OLED
Key Power on and perform functions
Working voltage D.C. 3.4V~D.C.4.3V
Operation   environment

Temperature: 5 - 40

Relative humidity: 15% - 80%

Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa - 106Kpa

Size 68*58*20mm
Weight 50g (Do not contain sensor and wrist strap)
Delivery time Samples: about 2 days
Mass production: about 15 days (2000pieces)
OEM: about 25 days


Sleepcare APP Plus Operation  


Sleepcare Plus APP