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Patient Monitor Module PM6750


Item No.: M6750
PM6750 Bluetooth Six-parameter Patient Monitor Module
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►Six parameter Bluetoothmodule is including Spo2,Pulse Rate, ECG, NIBP and Resp functions. It can be connected by serial RS232,Bluetooth and USB.
►Real-time patient data upload stable, good mobility ,convenient and reliable. Continuous monitoring facilitate customer secondary development according to specific needs ,the traditional guardianship upgraded to modern mobile monitoring products

Through Serial Port, USB,or Bluetooth ,the monitor transfers the data to PC or other smart terminals for secondary development .Also you can obtain technical support from our R&D team.


Full lead: 
5-leads ECG, output 7 channels (I II III aVL aVR aVF V)
Gain: 2.5mm/mV,5mm/mV,10mm/mV,20mm/mV
Scanning speed: 12.5mm/s,25mm/s and 50mm/s
Band width: 0.05Hz-100Hz(3dB)  Diagnostic mode   1-40Hz  Monitor mode    0.1-25Hz  Operation mode
Chest impedance method or concentration of carbon   dioxide at end of respriation
Range: 0 time/minute -100 times/minute
Accuracy: ±2 time/minute
Type: Vascular/surface temperature
Scope: 20℃-50℃
Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Systolic blood pressure: 4kPa-34kPa(30-255mmHg)        
Diastolic pressure: 2kPa-29.3kPa(15-220mmHg)
Mean pressure: 2.7kPa-31.3kPa(20-235mmHg)
Detection accuracy: Static pressure: ±4mmHg
Detection scope: 35%-100%
Accuracy: ±2% 80%-100% ±3% 70%-79%
Heart rate
Scope: 15bpm to 300bpm
Accuracy: ±1bpm
AC adapter
Input: AC100-240v-200mA
Output:DC 12V2A
Bluetooth: Support both Bluetooth 3.0 and BLE 4.0
Communication settings: RS232 or TTL Level, Bluetooth, USB
Service life: Over 10000 times
Size: 120mm*120mm*16mm
Weight: 80g
Delivery time
about 2 days
Mass production: about 15 days (2000pieces)
OEM: about 25 days



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