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YS2000A Spo2 Module

Spo2 Module

Item No.: YS2000A
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► Canbe used with patient monitor and         handheld spo2 /temp oximeters.
► Small volume,flexible installment               mode,high relible and accurate test.
► Providing quick and accurate oxygen       saturation and HR.
► Using improved digital signal                     processingtechnology,effectively control        the body movement and low perfusion          measurement.
► Can provide the best test sensitivity and stability to meets ICU,CCU and anesthesia operation appliance.
► Comparing with many clinical trials of blood gas analyzer to ensure its accuracy.
► In accordance with function safety design of CE requirements.
► Suitable for adult,pediatric and neonate.
► Single power5.0V work,low consumption.
► Display communication protocol connection,easy integration.
► Fully compatible with BCI communication protocol (except temp).


SpO2                                                                                               Pulse Rate
►Detection scope: 35%-100%                                                         ►Rage:25-250BPM
►Accuracy: ±2% 80%-100%±3% 70%-79%                                     ►Accuracy:±2BPM
►Rage:25-250BPM                                                                          ►Resolution: 1BPM
►Temperature working: 0-45℃
►Storage: -20-55℃
►Humidity working: 30-95%
►Storage: 10-100%
►Working voltage: D.C 3-5V, Input Current:<40mA
►Size: 50*40*10mm
►Weight: 20g
Delivery time
►Samples: about 2 days
►Mass production: about 15 days (2000pieces)
►OEM: about 25 days